About MT Mulching

We are a family operated business residing and serving Houston, Texas, and counties that surround it. Being a Texan and Mexican native, my wife and I always enjoyed being around green lands, animals and open agriculture. 

Who We Are

​After many years of helping our family and friends trimming trees, removing rubbish and gathering wood for our own home projects, my wife and I decided it was time to start helping others invest in their acreage. Using a mulching machine along with its attachments, we have been turning estates and timber into a valuable asset.

After a successful career in horse racing and training, I decided it was time to jump into another business, the forestry mulching and excavation business. Training horses for races and nourishing livestock, unlocked a hidden passion we discovered in cultivating and managing our land.

 Our knowledge on livestock and ecological systems allows us to provide quality work when the acreage is used for farming, maintenance, or real estate purposes. Our services include forestry mulching, excavation, land clearing, demolition, debris removal services and more. 

MT Mulching & Forestry is much more than company. We are a hard working family. Our values rely on these four characters:

Hard Work




Call Us!

English: (123)-456-7890

Spanish: (956) 336-4906


What We Do

Land clearing mulching services focusing on removing forestation in the most ecologically efficient manner. We gladly provide our services to real estate developers, farmers, home owners- and anyone in between. 

When we price a typical land clearing job, we take into consideration variables such as the size of the estate (+1 acres), type and condition of vegetation, how damp the area is, what type of terrain, and how long the project will take to complete, are all factors taken into consideration.

Our services mainly include:

  • Tree Removal & Trimming

  • Underbrush

  • Stump Grinding 

  • Hydro Mulching

  • Fencing

  • Land clearing

  • Driveway clearing

  • Utility clearing

  • Dirt Filling

  • Home site clearing

  • Fencing


Located in the outskirts of Houston, TX we provide services to the following locations & many more:

Cleveland, TX

Houston, TX

Galveston, TX

Jefferson, TX

Chambers, TX

Fort Bend, TX

Wharton, TX

Jackson, TX

Matagorda, TX

La Vaca, TX

Fayette, TX

Colorado, TX 

Robertson, TX

Waller, TX

San Jacinto, TX

Orange, TX

Polk, TX

Liberty, TX

Harris, TX

Washington, TX

Montgomery, TX

Image by Adam Thomas